Iron City Enterprises

Community Expectations

  • All trash should be placed in the dumpsters on a regular basis. Do not leave trash bags pilled in the home, on the front or back porch. This helps control ants, roaches and rodent population and is a DHEC regulation. The dumpsters are property of Iron City Enterprises and should be used by our tenants only. If the front of the dumpster is full please flip the lid and put your trash in the rear of the dumpster. Do not leave the trash sitting on the top of the dumpster this usually ends up thrown on the ground creating a mess. If your child or guest takes out the trash please advise them of this as well.
  • Grass should be cut and leaves raked. All yards should exhibit a neat and clean appearance.
  • No pets. We consider any animal to be a stray and will have it picked up, if it doesn’t leave own it’s own.
  • Automobiles must be tagged and in running condition, this is a city ordinance.
  • No dump trucks or big rigs.
  • No swimming pools.
  • No outside storage buildings.
  • No trampolines.
  • No outside clothes lines.
  • Please turn your radio volume down as you enter the park area. This includes activities such as washing your car or working outside. Please ask the same of your guests as some of our tenants work nights.
  • Please keep all large items such as grills, and children’s toys, etc. on the backside of the home out of site from the street.

We are trying to provide a safe, clean, drug-free family environment for you and the rest of our tenants. We are sure that you want the same respect from your neighbors. If you do not agree with any of these rules then this may not be the place for you.