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Thank you for visiting. We currently do not have any properties available for immediate rental. However, please visit our gallery of properties and check back periodically for vacant properties.

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To provide quality rental properties located in a safe, well-maintained family community.

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Iron City Enterprises LLC is the product of nearly twenty years hard work. The dream began as R and B Enterprises, a partnership of David Roark and Ben Bennett. The idea was to provide well maintained, low income housing. In looking around our community there were a lot of low income housing but it was not being maintained to a standard most families would be comfortable with. My vision was to maintain each home so that I would feel comfortable with my own family living in the rental unit. After eight years in the partnership, Ben felt it was time for him to move on. Spring 2005 was the birth of Iron City Enterprises LLC. It is still my hope to continue to provide affordable housing in a well-maintained community environment.